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Athletic Republic offers individualized small-group training that unlocks the potential of any athlete, helping them perform at their best. Our science-based protocols and specialized equipment have helped more than one million athletes achieve their goals over the past 30 years. If you're looking to gain a step on the competition and give yourself a competitive advantage by improving your speed, power, agility, strength, and stability, you need to be training at Athletic Republic.

Training for Competitive Athletes

Athletic Republic’s Acceleration Training program is designed to help youth, teen, college, and pro athletes achieve their peak athletic performance. Whether you’re looking to move from the bench to the starting lineup, pursue a college athletic scholarship, or just get stronger to reduce your chances of injury, Acceleration Training will deliver results. You bring the desire and dedication, we’ll supply the direction to help you reach your goals.

Training for Active Adults

Applying many of the same principles of Acceleration Training, the AR-FIT program offers full-body circuit training with high-intensity training (HIIT) elements for adults looking to move better, get stronger, and stay healthy. The small-group, trainer-led format allows us to customize workouts to accommodate different levels of fitness ability within each class, from lifelong athletes and those just starting out on a fitness program.

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Training & Services

Athletic Republic's individualized programs help athletes learn to move better, get faster, become stronger and more powerful. Conditioning can be tailored to the demands of particular sports, the time of year, and the athlete's physical development and goals. Whether playing sport, wanting to improve functionality for day to day life, or needing to develop neural pathways and/or motor skills, you are a welcome at Athletic Republic. An Athlete at Athletic Republic is anyone who aspires to improve. Our aim is to assist you.

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Now Open in Forest Glen

The new Athletic Republic sports performance training center is now open, giving athletes in the surrounding areas a new, better way to train. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for email updates to stay informed.

Team Training Specials

We’re all about helping Forest Glen teams succeed—so we’re offering great pricing for teams who come in together to train together. Contact us to learn more about how your team or organization can partner with us to make your next season your best season.