Athletic Republic's certified performance trainers have the passion, experience, and sports-science knowledge to safely and effectively improve your athleticism. They're able to customize training to account for individual strengths, weaknesses, and special circumstances.
Trainer 1

Rod Jones

Facility Director

Rod has over four years as a fitness professional, holding Level 2 status at this time.
Trainer 2

Jodie Marriott

Facility Director

Jodie is a Level 3 accredited fitness professional with over ten years' practice. A mother and former National Karate Champion, Jodie brings her passinon for assisting others and drive to succeed to every session.
Trainer 3

Nick Luff

Exercise Scientist

Nick is passionate and experienced. His signature is his attention to detail and desire to work with athletes to teach them how to reach their goals in a positive and supportive program.
Trainer 3

Isabella Satara

Exercise Scientist

Issy has a history of succeeding in sport and education. Passionate about training our Athletic Republic athletes, Issy brings her energy and determination to every session.

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